Haddam Killingworth Travel Basketball

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2017-2018 Season HK Travel Basketball FAQ’s

What is the cost?

The cost for each child playing is $275 including a full uniform. If a family has two children in the league the cost for the two is reduced to $500 with uniforms. This provides for significant court time through February with professional referees and at least one tournament beyond the scheduled games.  Confidential inquiries regarding financial assistance can be submitted to the League President.

Are teams organized by grade?

For girls we frequently combine grades if numbers do not allow for teams for each grade. Per league rules, teams of combined grades must play up. Example - A team of 7th and 8th graders will compete against other 8th grade teams.

When are the games played?

Traditionally games have been played on Sundays, but this year they will be played on both Saturdays and Sundays.

How long is the season?

Practices will start the first week of October and games will begin in November. The conference tournament will be in late February. Coaches make individual decisions on additional end of season tournaments which may bring the end date to March.

Will there be any other financial obligations beyond the enrollment fee?

Teams may make individual decisions to play in additional tournaments and collect from all families for the enrollment fees. Some team may also offer the opportunity to purchase HK Travel Basketball clothing for both the players and supporters. These items are not covered by the enrollment fee for each child.

How much will my child play?

Playing time is solely the decisions of the coaches. Although we foster a learning and development environment, the coaches are charged with winning. Coaches make every attempt to play all team members, but there are no guarantees.  Competition in this league is greater than the HK Recreation team(s.)

If my child attends tryouts are they guaranteed a spot on the team?

No, coaches will make decisions on their roster and cuts are a normal part of the process. 

Does my child need to attend both tryouts?

It is important for the players to attend both tryouts whenever possible, especially for new players to the program. Coaches need an opportunity to see each child play in different situations and that can only be accomplished through attendance on both dates.

How often do teams practice?

Teams will have significant gym time at the beginning half of the season prior to other programs limiting gym availability. Most teams will practice two to three nights per week and then down to one or two nights starting in December when the game schedule increases.

How much travel is required?

The conference consists of teams along the shoreline and Connecticut River Valley. Additional travel may be required for additional tournaments and signing up for those tournaments is the decision of the coaches.